About Mukesh Prasad

I graduated with the 55th course of National Defence Academy of India. After my graduation with 55-NDA, I obtained an MS in Computer Science in 1981, and an M.Phil. in 1988, both from Yale University of USA.

Crisis of Integrity in Academia and Research

I hold the view that US and the West in general, currently are in the middle of a serious scientific crisis. A crisis of integrity in Academia and Research. Both Covid-19 and Manmade Climate Change are symptoms of this crisis of integrity in academia and research.

My Works

Some of my work and ideas can be seen in my postings at my Facebook Account.

I have created and posted a few videos on You Tube.

I presented a slideshow on Manmade Climate Change Theory in 2016 at the Mensa Annual Gathering in San Diego.

I am the author of a Theory of Consciousness and was an early advocate of using Neural Networks for Artificial Intelligence.

I had the privilege to develop the original /dev/pty architecture for Unix and Unix-derived systems.

I had the fortune of having had a very interesting physics education with many people deserving thanks along the way for said education.

I live in Colorado, and have had the fortune to enjoy sports like skiing, flying, sailing, and skydiving.