Mukesh Prasad on Covid-19

Two short articles on Covid-19. My perspective was that Covid-19 was not a real problem numerically. It never rose above the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA. Compared to pandemics of note in the past, this is not significant. The daily deaths were of the order of 1 in a million in summer, and 1 in a hundred thousand in winter. The median age of death from Covid-19 was higher than the Life Expectancy.

The media response was significantly out of step with the numbers.

There was an Immutable Spike Protein Theory in the mRNA vaccines. The theory failed. Its failure was not announced and explained - instead the failure was covered-up by a tsunami of irrelevant controversies and outright false information in the media. One notable false information angle was "The vaccine was never intended to stop infection or transmission." This was summarily false, the Immutable Spike Protein Theory was indeed meant to eradicate the virus entirely.

The cover-up included releasing single-variant vaccines, which could not have worked for more than a month or two, under the clever yet false marketing name of "boosters". They did not and could not boost the original Spike Protein Target vaccine, because they were simply single-variant vaccines, unrelated to the original vaccine. The "boosters" could not have worked for long, because it was well known that the virus is a shape shifter.

The Immutable Spike Protein Theory has been scrubbed from the internet, which is evidence of intent to deceive.

The Covid-19 vaccines could not and did not reduce symptoms, beyond Placebo effects and the reversal of media-caused Nocebo effects.

The masks could not and did not reduce virus transmission, for obvious and well-known reasons. They did provide out-of-season harbor and vector for the virus.

It seems clear the vaccines had side-effects, but no benefits. The virus is running rampant, and like other Coronaviruses, has achieved normal stability in relation to the human body.

The Covid-19 episode, like the Manmade Climate Change theory, simply was another egregious example of scientific misconduct.